Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kasenetz – Katz In The 70’s: Ohio Ltd and Canyon

Ohio Ltd –Wham Bam/ Same –Buddah BOA 386 (1973 US Promo)

4 years after the amazing Captain Groovy And His Bubblegum army single, Kasenetz – Katz used the re-branded Ohio Express franchise to release this superb piece of Hard Glam/Boogie with its Get It On cop. The hooks and overall Bubblegum catchiness remain, but a much harder edge is added making this a real lost classic perfectly in sync with the best JSG singles released around that time.

Canyon –Top Of The World/Boogie Down Broadway –London HLZ 10500 (1975 UK issue)

The production duo then put their clout behind the unique single by Canyon. The approach is similar to Ohio Ltd, but it is now ’75 and we are moving closer to Ram Jam (Black Betty) territory with this fine hard rockin’ number. Not sure of the line-ups on these two singles or if they share any of the same crew, the songwriting credits give no indication of this one way or the other

Click on title for edits of Wham Bam and Top Of The World

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Anonymous said...

Canyon was a real band from Ashland, Ohio and included two members of the Es-Shades, a '60s garage band who released two indie singles. ( Ashland is adjacent to Mansfield, which of course was the home of the Music Explosion and the Ohio Express (when they were a real band, not just a front for Kasenetz-Katz projects).