Friday, December 15, 2006

Cobraa –Ride A Pony

Cobraa –Ride A Pony/The End Of The Day –EMI C006-30443 (1973 Germany)

Ride A Pony is a fun piece of nonsensical Space Rock Glam. Not sure what they were on about with their talk of riding sunbeams and ponies in space and time especially when I’m sure the band had their own Teutonic stallion with hosen schlange zu heimat! Anyhow it’s ends up sounding like a collision between Ride A White Swan and flipped out Bubblegum Krautrock with a cool fuzzed out lead break. Noch einmal und alle zusamen –ride a pony baby

Click on title for soundclip


Anonymous said...

The description of "Ride a Pony" is so funny and dead on target! ;-)
I was the singer and writer of this song and my English was really bad in those years (today it is worse!).
Amazing to find a description of that "peccadillo of youth" in the internet. Thanks for that - and go on!

Klaus Sebastian

Anonymous said...

All those "riding" a horse, pony or white swan seem to be sexual metaphers, right?
("Together we fly to the land of the sweet dreams...")
Sounds better and more romantic than: "Take a ride in my new IKEA-Bed!"

Thomas, Germany