Monday, December 18, 2006

Downhill Racers –Lovin’ Pots

Downhill Racers –Lovin’ Pots/Lovely Vanessa –Ariola 17678 AT (1977 German issue)

Lovin’ Pots is a very commercial sounding Teen-Glam-Bubblegum number with a wonderfully bright and loud production. It all makes sense when you realise that the J. Lange who wrote and produced the A side is none other that Robert “Mutt” Lange. My guess is that this is a pure studio creation and the group probably didn’t exist. The B side sounds totally unrelated as it’s a delightful Psych/Pop number with more than a hint of Friends or Sunflower era Beach Boys. Written and probably sung by Pete Dello (Ex-Honeybus of I Can’t Let Maggie Go fame), Lovely Vanessa could have easily fitted on the Pete Dello and Friends album.

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Anonymous said...

The lead vocal is sung by Mutt Lange himself.

Robin Wills said...

Thanks...File next to the Stephen single then...