Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Peter D. Kelly –Rock To The Jukebox

Peter D. Kelly –Rock To The Jukebox//Brotherhood Within –DJM DJS.333 (1974 UK)

Loud Crunching Glam Stomper alert! Rock To The Jukebox may be formulaic, but it is great fun with its loud chopping guitars, handclaps and gang show backing vocals: ROCK!!!! The B side is truly horrible, so it would be appreciated if anyone knows if it’s worth seeking out his other singles –Hot Digitty Dog and Hard Road (Is this the Vanda &Young number?)

Click below for for soundclip


Anonymous said...

can't say anything about other Peter D Kelly singles but I can tell you there's a french edition with a nice sleeve (in fact exactly the same as Elton John Sick City apart from the writing). Can share a scan if you like. Great song by the way!

Purepop said...

Hi Manuel
Just picked up a pic sleeve of the Vanda &Young writtien Hard Road. It's pretty similar to (Little) Stevie Wright's version...

Anonymous said...

Hi Purepop,

The Hard Road song (great version) is written by Vanda & Young indeed.
I am still looking for it in digital form after all these years !
It was one of the favorite songs in the disco where I used to DJ back in the 70's.
Take care,