Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xmas Competition –Mystery Track!

As I’m feeling a tad seasonal, I am giving away a free single! All you have to do is enter this simple competition..

The first person to name the artist who performs this mystery track, will win one of the singles below.

Choose from:
1) Catapult –Teeny Bopper Band –Pic Sleeve (VG/VG)
2) Bonnie St.Claire –Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet –Pic Sleeve (VG+/ EX)
3) The Barracudas –I Want My Woody Back (2003 Munster reissue) (Mint)
4) Blackfoot Sue –Sing Don’t Speak (VG+)
5) Geordie –Can You Do It (EX)

The artist in question is well known and this perfect Power Pop/Glam track has been a long time personal fave, so it’s a good excuse to upload the full song.

All you have to do is post a comment with your answer along with your choice of single before 2 PM (UK) on Tuesday 19th December. I will then publish all the answers and declare a winner. The winner can then contact me via email (on the profile page) with their address details. I will then post the single on Wednesday.

Good luck!

Click on title to hear the mystery track


paul kalfahs said...

The mystery track is "Hair Of The Dog" by MUD! Great song!

I'd choose the Catapult "Teeny Bopper Band" single!

Matt Smith said...

again, MUD is my answer-
scratch that last comment about the blackfoot sue record -I'd go for the Bonnie St. Claire single rather (I have the blackfoot sue record already - my brain doesnt work after this weekend!)

Steve said...

Mud - "Hair Of The Dog". You're right - it's good! I'd not heard this one before.

My choice'd be the Barracudas single!

glitterbest said...

Hello.I love your blog. Artist:Mud-Title:Hair of the dog

Purepop said...

Paul -You are the winner, being the first one to answer correctly!
Send me an email (on the profile page) with your address and I'll get the single off to you tomorrow
All the best

Anonymous said...

great website
my kind of music
what do you think of the Quick

Purepop said...

Dear Anonymous.
Yep I dearly love The Quick. I had Mondo Deco in my last year at school. I often used to play Purgatory Years while getting ready for school. I am still looking for The Quick 10" Fan club promo with Pretty Please...