Thursday, November 23, 2006

Stud Leather – Cut Loose

Stud Leather – Cut Loose/ Emma Louise –Seabird 63002 (1974? French issue)

OK, you’ve got to look beyond one of the most ugly sleeves ever as Cut Loose is a frenetic primitive Punker powered by slap-back echoed drums, raw guitar and a simplistic piano pounding. The track builds and builds and the vocals get wilder, ending in near hysterics. The track finally turns into a wild cacophonous Freak Out concluding in a final explosion…Hallelujah indeed - it’s totally bonkers! The B side is more like a late 60’s mild Psych Pop number and is a haven of sanity in comparison. Again not much of an indication who this was. The single was released on Dart in the UK and both tracks were written by Roger Cook and Alan Kerkham.
Thanks to Ryohei of Warehouse in Japan ( for doing a trade for this.

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