Monday, November 20, 2006

Matayo –I like Rock ‘N’ Roll

Matayo –Matayo/ I like Rock ‘N’ Roll – RAK 222 (1975 UK)

Matayo is in fact Paul & Barry Ryan and this gem of a track is hidden on the other side of a truly ghastly Disco-Funk workout. I guess The Arrows beat them in the title race; so here they only LIKE Rock ‘N’ Roll whereas you can only really love or hate it… I like Rock ‘N’ Roll is a Rocker, but it really takes you somewhere else entirely as well. The strange and eerie production is superb –the massed choir and churchy organ are positively drowned in reverb and give the song a real hypnotic feel. Somehow I think of The Raspberries on Quaaludes or it could have fitted on that first Eric Carmen album if only Eric was hanging out with Alex Chilton at the time. The organ drone is perhaps Paul Ryan’s touch as he went for a similar effect on his Natural Gas single (Maple Annie MA 107), but whoever was responsible, kudos are due all round. Paul and Barry Ryan released another single under this pseudonym –Can anyone recommend it?

I didn’t have the heart to edit the track, so click on the title to enjoy it in its full glory!

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