Monday, November 27, 2006

Harpo – My Teenage Queen

Harpo – My Teenage Queen/ I Don’t Know Why – EMI 4E 006-35115 (1974 Sweden)

Prior to his more widely known Peter Sarstedt/ om-pah band hit Moviestar, Sweden’s Harpo (née Jan Svensson) released this Neanderthal Glam Thumping Cruncher to little effect in ’74. Perhaps the fact that the lyrics have him lusting after a 15 year old Teenage Queen curtailed his chances of a worldwide hit, but today they would more likely get him listed on the S O register. The track is great though, perhaps only a killer guitar break short of making the top grade. Still what a scary looking guy… Leo Sayer meets Skeletor anyone? ANYONE????

Click below for soundclip


lee said...

Harpo did something other than Moviestar? Well who knew :).

Velvet Tinmine Radio said...

Yep, this one is an absolute classic! I heard it on one of Ursula's great comps and can't stop listening to it! I literally played it 7 or 8 times in a row on my Ipod when I didn't want take my hands out of my pockets in the freezing cold, and I enjoyed all 15 or so minutes of it!

I know, I'm insane right?

duck_stab said...

Harpo's got a few more quasi-glitter-gum winners I've recently stumbled over - 'Baby Boomerang' from '74, 'Rock 'N' Clown' and 'Horoscope' from '76. 'Moviestar' pretty much negates all of them though. What horrid dreck!

Anonymous said...

can you post the full version? thank you.

Hannes A. Jónsson said...

Harpo was my first full concert experience! Sad, but true. 1978, Sigtun, Reykjavik. Smoke boms which smelled like liquerice - that's all I remember today. But as someone said before, he was no one trick pony. Horoscope, Rock & Roll Clown, Motorcycle Mama and Teddy My Love - all Spector-ish '70s splendour. A little known fact, though: Frida from ABBA did the backing vocals on Movie Star.