Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hamlett –Vampire Man

Hamlett –Where’d The Day Go?/ Vampire Man –Pye 45PY.4180 (1972 French issue)

An interesting obscurity from 1972. Where’d The Day Go? is a pleasant female-fronted breezy pop number, but it’s The B side that really interests us here. Whereas the A side is light and fluffy, Vampire Man is dark and nasty. It has a boogie /straight rock feel to it, but the vocals and general atmosphere take it somewhere else entirely. It has nifty slide guitar licks and a chorus that breaks up the brooding threat of the verses. I’m not sure if this even got a UK release or if the band ever did anything else. Vampire Man was written by Cozzi and Bell and produced by Nat Kipner if that’s any clue…

Click below for soundclip


emilio said...

Hello ! I`m from Argentina, I have this single on vynil, but I want a digital copy of these songs ..
Do you have it ?
I`m 40 years old, and I wanna remember these old days ..
Thanks, I´ll wait your answer ..

Purepop said...

No I only have a UK and French Vinyl copy. Vampire Man appeard on as CD called Tremors about 5-6 years ago/