Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Dazzlers –Lovely Crash

The Dazzlers –Lovely Crash/Feeling In Your Heart –Charisma CB330 (1979 UK)

With an intro recalling Pezband’s Love Goes Underground, Lovely Crash is a rare occasion where the UK was on a par with the US in terms of delivering a true Power Pop gem. The song construction is not totally perfect as you have to wait a long time before they unleash the song’s glorious chorus, but Lovely Crash is The Dazzlers’ defining moment of pure pop bliss.
Their album is OK and worth seeking out, but this song works best in this format…singles rule!

Click below for soundclip

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JamesTrash said...

This is the only Dazzlers record I've heard, should really make an effort to check out more. Great single! Sack the stylist though!