Monday, October 23, 2006

Ning –Machine

Ning –Machine/More Ning –Decca DL 25452 (1971 German issue)

This is completely nuts! Not sure where to file this as its Part Glam/ Bubblegum/ Heavy Rock and Prog with a bit of Suicide thrown in for good measure. With it’s pumping heartbeat rhythm, riff borrowed from The Music Explosion’s Little Bit Of Soul and a singer who sounds like a constipated Lemmy, this is one weird artifact. Machine was written by “Berry” and as it’s published by Sparta Florida, it’s most likely to be Mike Berry who was also behind the Ordinary Boy/Ride A Black Sheep single by Small Wonder (see review June 25th)

Click below for soundclip


Anonymous said...

wow. Insane. Amazing. Ning. How am I going to sleep tonight? Thanks luis! This among many others on this site are the best songs and productions in recording history.

David said...

Can't seem to be able to play track?

Purepop said...

Hi David
I know about 1/3rd of the sound files are missing, I will try and get them all back up at some point, but working perhaps by springtime!