Friday, September 08, 2006

New Release: The Blank Stares

The Blank Stares –All Blown Up – Full Tilt Records – FTCD- 002 (2006 US)

All Blown Up is a great fresh new release in a fine Power Pop/ Glam Rock mode. If you miss Redd Kross, well look no further as The Blank Stares remind you of the best tracks from Third Eye or Switchblade Sister –what??? You don’t have those –go out and buy them pronto! The album lifts off with a nice Bolanesque vocal and then throws itself at full tilt for the duration. It’s always loud and melodic, but doesn’t veer too far into Teen Machine territory. Nice one centurions, Turn Up The Sound and enjoy…

Purchase through the wonderful where you will find more song snippets.

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Anonymous said...

Hi !

I saw them in New York last spring, and bought the record. It sounds great, and I still listening to this with great pleasure !

CyB (France)
(Sorry for my poor english)