Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Brother Susan: Ride Ride Ride and See My Fingers Fly

Brother Susan –Ride Ride Ride/ Flash –EMI 2174 (1974 UK)

Brother Susan – See My Fingers Fly/ Full Blooded Natural Man –EMI 2177 (1974 UK)

Perhaps EMI put out these two singles hoping for another Geordie…talk about setting your sights low!… Anyhow the sound is sometimes similar especially on Ride Ride Ride (Geordie meets Chicory Tip??) and Flash with the sandpaper vocals, handclaps etc… It’s good crunching Glam, but in my opinion not quite in the same league as Hector or Mustard. Their second single See My Fingers Fly is more fun as they upped the gimmicky production side of things to good effect: the saxes and the 50’s semi Do Wop break with the deep voice over are especially fun…and not forgetting the not a bug or a slug part that partially redeems Full Blooded Natural Man...

Click below for an edit of Ride Ride Ride and See My Fingers Fly


halrom said...

Sounds great! Wish I could hear it.

RP said...

Any chance of an upload of all 4 of these songs?

Brother Susan was a short-lived project for Guy Fletcher and Al Hodge (of Cornish 60's harmony poppers The Onyx). After both singles bombed Brother Susan was no more.