Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vulcan – Much Too Young

Vulcan – Much Too Young/ Action Man –EPIC S EPC 1763 ( 1973 UK)

This is a single of many moments, but that don’t really add up to a total classic. It’s an up tempo number with an OK verse which then builds through an Easybeats/ Small Faces progression until it climaxes with a shouted chorus where the object of the singer’s desires is seemingly Funky as can be. In fact there is heavy use of the word funky throughout the song, so please be warned….This is probably explained by the words A German Production printed on the label, but the single has also some loud guitar stabs, and a cavernous EMT plate reverb on the drums. There’s a great moment ¾ of the way through where an Ohio Express type chugging rhythm guitar leads into some great Who/ Creation power chords. The B side is not all action as the title may lead you to believe. it’s a more lazy flute cool and funky (here we go again…) number. It looks like it’s co- written by a younger, but probably already moustachioed Giorgio Moroder.

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