Thursday, September 07, 2006

Go Go Thunder –The Race

Go Go Thunder –The Race/ Mrs. Mann –RCA 2494 (1975 UK)

Stretching it a bit to remain with the previous Hot Rod theme, Go Go Thunder’s (great name) single is a real oddity. Based on a thumping drum pattern, semi-hard rock guitar licks, roaring motor sounds and lyrics alluding to the Indianapolis sun and exploding cars It has an exuberant over –production and it’s a mighty fun experience. The B side is very much like an up tempo Wizzard number…Mrs. Mann???? Again who is behind this single? (Arnold, Martin, Morrow?)

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Steve said...

In my little world, these three chaps feature most strongly as the brains behind the Chopper imprint (which only had the one good record, if you ask me - the one by the 45s), but which released, ooh a good dozen or so. Thing is, that's only a small aside in their bigger picture:

Purepop said...

Thanks Sateve...once again you supply...I see they were behind the Earwigs single on DJM -any good?

Steve said...

Earwig: don't know, sorry. Haven't heard many of these supposedly 'glam'-ish singles at all, really. Their Butterscotch thing gets my vote though. Can you imagine having written that many hits?