Thursday, September 07, 2006

When the Surf sound turned Glam…Firebird , Fith Form and Fynnius Fogg

Firebird –Two Wheels/ Side Tracking - Bell 1370 (1974 UK)
Fynnius Fogg –Roller Skatin’ Baby/ Nowhere Road –Dawn 1105 (1975 UK)
Fith Form –I Get A Buzz/ When You’re Hot You’re Hot –Dawn 1097 (1974 UK)

Yes, Five years before I Want My Woody or Summer Fun, the UK was already at the forefront of updating the 60’s Surf/ Hot Rod Sound. John Carter’s First Class had a hit with the great Beach Baby which in turn opened the door for more opportunists including
Firebird – who got it right first time with their chugging driving beat, and soaring harmonies. It’s a straight case of Gary Usher meets Eddie Seago. This is truly the sound of The Superstocks in velvet loons.
The Fynnius Fogg single is no more than cute. Although fast-paced, the performance remains pretty wimpy and the tune grates after a while, but The Fith Form’s I Got A Buzz is a fine example of Bubblegum/Surf/Glam and is supremely catchy and a good find.

There’s bound to be more stuff like this around from that time. For one there’s Truth and Beauty’s –Tuff Little Surfer Boy on RAK (with a cameo by Lttle Nel) which is cool. I only have it on that Mutant Surf Punk compilation on Anagram, the single itself still eludes me...Anyone up to swap it for a signed copy of Woody Back (the reissue of course…)

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Collin said...

You can download the b-side (both sides, really) of that Truth & Beauty on a Little Nel fansite. Here:

I wouldn't recommend it personally - it's just a song from Rocky Horror and I'd sooner have my teeth drilled than suffer through any of that again.