Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sisters –There’s A Raver Coming Home

Sisters –There’s A Raver Coming Home/ Help The Music -Warner Bros 16445 (French issue 1974)

This is Probably the band’s 2nd single following the wonderful Kick Your Boots Off (Bell 1307). There’s A Raver Coming Home is a gloriously over-produced Glam classic. It starts off with the heaviest of shuffle beats punctuated by some very manly Glitter Band style HEYs. The song then develops into a 4 chord 50’s chord progression, but doesn’t veer into any retro pastiche and stays true to the band’s laudable motto of anchoring everything to the most basic glitter beat. By the end of the song you may have female backing vocals and deep saxes, but they never deviate and their mission is fully accomplished The B side is also very cool, we’re more into Slade territory and the track has some great over the top lead guitar. Truly amazing.

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quairefellow said...

Hi there. Fantastic blog and source to many favorite tunes! Is there any chance of getting a snippet of the b-side to this? Best x