Sunday, June 25, 2006

Small Wonder –Ordinary Boy

Small Wonder –Ordinary Boy/ Ride A Black Sheep –Dawn DNS 1094 (1974 UK)

Anyone for a Raga Glam track? Ordinary Boy is an incredible mish-mash of stomping Glitter beat with double -tracked handclaps, detuned E string to D guitar, sitar resonance and gritty vocals. The effect is startling. The song is good with a great call to arms chorus. Glam stomping Raga rules!
The other side Ride A Black Sheep is a total T Rex cop. It’s pure Jeepster with a fun Marc Bolan impersonation. You can find the B side on the Glitter From The Litter CD (Sanctuary CMQCD675)

Both tracks were written by Mike Berry who 8 years later would sign us to a music publishing deal…A man of decidedly niche tastes indeed…

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