Thursday, June 22, 2006

Streak –Bang Bang Bullet

Streak –Bang Bang Bullet/ Black Jack Man - Deram 84.133 9 (French issue 1973)

Featuring future Arrows members Jake Hooker and Paul Varley (ex Little Free Rock), Bang Bang Bullet is full on New York Dolls through and through. The attitude, groove and lyrics are all there, but with less make up... It rocks, it bites and hooks you immediately. The B side Black Jack Man is also good, but it plods a bit and doesn’t quite have the spark that lights up the obvious choice for the A side.

Click below for soundclip


eric said...

This 45 looks cool,I hope to stumble across a copy of it someday!

Todd Lucas said...

I did run across a U.S. promo copy of this just last week. It's quite good, certainly a punk vibe, despite the horns that creep in near the end.

Anonymous said...

I've got a copy of the STREAK French issue on buy it now this week on EBAY.

Brat said...

Who are the writers and publishers of Bang Bang Bullet?

Joly MacFie said...

Hi Robin,

I actually, belive or not, roadied for this band!

Last night I was vidding a Max's Kansas City reunion and The Brats covered the song. I went into setrious deja-vu!

Purepop said...

Damn...I was in NYC a week ago, do you mean I missed a Brats reunion?