Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Derringer – I Luv Myself –Obscure US Hard Rock

Derringer – I Luv Myself/ Detroit Boogie –Burr Records D 1-A (US 1973?)

Another mystery combo. The only provenance I can work out was that the band was probably from Lansford PA as the Burr label as an outlet for local pastor Raymond Burr who also released the Starfyres Captain Dueseldorph / No Room For Your Love single back in 1967. These are the only two releases on the Burr label as far as I can see, but I am not sure if there is any other link with the Starfyres. I Luv Myself is a pretty good hard rock number, solid but not overly wild in its delivery. I assume the date is around 72/74 judging from the Johnny Winter-like guitar effects with a bit of Alice Cooper thrown in. The B side is lazy insofar as they didn’t seem to have been bothered adding any lyrics and it goes on (and on) for 5:42…

Hear a full version of I Luv Myself

Hear a full version of Detroit Boogie


Tony Francis said...

Surely this would be Rick Derringer who was playing with the Johnny Winter Band at this time. He released his All American Boy album in '73, so you'd imagine this might pre-date his major label release.

Robin Wills said...

No it's a small PA band...If it is I would eat my socks

Anonymous said...

If i can persuade Rick Derringer to go along with my cunning plan and lie to you that this is indeed his band, would you then be willing to eat those socks of yours onstage at one of his gigs? Schedules permitting of course.