Friday, April 07, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair April 2017: Day 1

I had timed my usual arrival on the deck for 7:13am and hit the mark in that respect. There weren't hordes of German van drivers spilling tons of unplayed 70s gems direct from radio archives onto the floor. In fact the fair was a bit flat today. No amazing bargains or great discoveries. There were deals to be made for sure, but considering the post Brexit vote Sterling crash, these weren't always great deals leaving you with a smug smile on your face

Some nice 60s pieces, very pleased to complete my Virgin Sleep collection (well they only released 2 singles)

The 70s were also represented, but nothing I hadn't seen before...

There were some choices singles I haven't yet picked up (too expensive) and about 20% of dealers has not yet displayed their wares, so let's see if Saturday brings some magic to the proceedings

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