Saturday, April 08, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair April 2017 -Day 2

Today the buzz was back in Utrecht. The vibrancy that may have been missing yesterday returned with a vengeance

Anyhow the haul...

First two Scandinavian pic sleeves I couldn't resist...

Being in Holland, it would be insulting not to taste the local brew

Singing of The Bad Thing by Shed Libation is a fine specimen of Cowbell driven Heavy Bonehead, while The Break Selection deliver one of the more inept version of "I Can Only Give You Everything" ever committed to vinyl

Some nice UK 60s singles That Pirates single with Mick Green  pretty much defined that early Doctor Feelgood sound and style. I couldn't resist upgrading to this beautiful Accent demo and the UK Defecting Grey will sit nicely next to the German issue I found yesterday. David John and The Mood was a bargain

Some nice UK pop. Loving Awareness is post Skip Bifferty. Sounds a bit like Smyle or Fickle Pickle,  Dave Cartwright is just lovely



Some gems with picture sleeves. Finally got a copy of Sydney Gill with a perfect pic sleeve. A UK Psych classic only released in Germany at the time, as far as I know. George is in fact Giorgio MoroderMake me Your Babe  is a kind of proto Jean Genie BubbleGlam  concoction


The absolute Monster is Albatross with I am Dead and Viet-nam War. From Austria, the singer reminds of me of Jesse Hector in competition with Roger Chapman to see who could be the most venomous!

Some spares coming your way soon...

So the second day at Utrecht was another torrid affair, the come down at the next Reading fair on Friday is going to be rather noticeable

Oh and my hotel and flights to Utrecht in November are already booked –BRING IT ON!!!


Steve Coleman said...

That Albatross top side chugs along like "Peace of Mind" by Count V and is non the worse for it either. Would love to hear Me Hector's reaction to this 45. A killer.

John Medd said...

I'd not heard that Moroder single before; very nice. I can see that going on to a few playlists in the not too distant.

Just found your blog btw. Great stuff...