Friday, November 11, 2016

Utrecht Record Fair November 2016: Day 1

As part of the continual groundhog day ritualised routine of my life, I am of course in Utrecht for the ever great Utrecht fair.
Today was day 1, the set up day and I walked, talked and explored from 7am to 5pm non-stop (well apart from one coffee and chips break)

The two records that gave me the most joy was the Eyes -Man With Money (always seemed to miss out on that one and the UK Craig -I Must Be Mad, which was top of my UK wants list for 5 years or so)

Nice Swedish copy of The Tomorrow and original Canadian Ugly Ducklings

The next bunch includes a Dutch Diversion and Groovies, German Hammersmith Gorillas and Ronno (Mick Ronson) as well as a UK Giant Crab ESP. NZ's Larry's Rebels has a Coke advert

The rest was more of your usual Utrecht over-spill

Tomorrow a time for breakfast then hitting the ground running at 8am...

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