Friday, November 04, 2016

Dizzy’s Farm –Vodka Collins

Dizzy’s Farm –Vodka Collins/Chattanooga Blues –HMR Productions –HMR 592 (1972 US)

Another complete mystery disc here. Vodka Collins is a pretty good 70s rocker, with some gritty guitar featuring leslie speaker-like sound  during the cool guitar interplay; great  playing anyhow…Chattanooga Blues is an uptempo cowbell driven rural choogler; about the merits of moving to the country, upright yet bouncy...
Apart from the 1972 release date and that it was recorded and produced by Harry.M Randel- the head honcho at HMR ( out of Scotch Plains (NJ), nothing else was found after initial googling –More info and an upgrade would be most welcome!

Hear a full version of Vodka Collins

Hear a full version of Chattanooga Blues

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