Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kingdom – All I Need

Kingdom –All I Need/Nothing Could Be Better –United Artists UP 35145 (1970 UK)

Heavy Gritty Freakrock of the highest order. All I Need is a deep dirge that reeks of a Carnaby Street hangover waking up in the middle of Underground Explosion ’69. The cavernous drums are amazing as is the lead guitar played with wild abandonment.  The performance works even better as the chorus helps to keep things tight and compact. The B side is also good, but is more diffused and lacks the focus of the other side.

I couldn’t find much about these guys, but it appears this single was a one-off. Nice touch it being a “joint” production. Heavy man, heavy…

Hear a full version of All I Need

Hear a full version of Nothing Could Be Better

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