Thursday, November 05, 2015

Choya –Let The Children Boogie

Choya –Let The Children Boogie Choya –Let The Children Boogie Part 1/Part 2 –Cue C502X (1973 Canada)

An interesting example of a Canadian Glam and Hard Rock crossover by Ex Magic Cycle/ TheCycle member Paul Clinch. Mid tempo, both sides sound like they were obviously inspired by T. Rex but the vocal delivery is closer to Heavy Cruiser or Thundermug. An extra dimension is added by the use of old synths and especially a Mellotron, which is somewhat unworldly and really takes off on part 2.
This was the first of three singles Choya released. An album also came out on Buddah in 1976.

Hear a full version of Let The Children Boogie Part 1

Hear a full version of Let The Children Boogie Part 2


Alan L said...

Hi Robin,

What a fantastic blog, I now have the time to wander through your previous posts and give my ears a treat. I love this (Choya - Let the Children Boogie). With my fairly simple musical knowledge, the delivery reminds me of Slade (which is no bad thing. I am looking forward to sampling lots more, all the best.

puzz said...

Howdy dude, this blog is super cool! I have tonnes of this stuff but new things are always coming out of the woodwork, mainly thanks to blogs like this. There's a great book, Wired Up!, featuring a lot of these lost glam/proto/bovver boogie bands, you've probably got It! I'm lovin' the Choya single, wish I could get my hands on It, maybe you could put a compilation album out yourself, 'Glitter 'n' Gasoline, sounds like a suitable title! Anyway, thanks again. Nick.