Monday, August 10, 2015

Majik Dust –Don’t Walk Away

Majik Dust –Don’t Walk Away/ Fistacuffs –Burlap B-7782 (1977 US)

From St. Louis, Majik Dust feature the bastard son of the Move’s Do Ya twinned with a melody that naggingly hints of Something I’ve Got To Tell You (Glenda Collins/Honeycombs). Released in 1977 it just about sits on the right side  of melodic Hard Rock thanks to its rawness and Powerpop appeal. The heavier and rockier B side Fistacuffs is a near Ultimate Bonehead contender, but doesn’t quite reach potential heavyweight bliss. Majik Dust later metamorphosed into Boyfriend with the arrival of Bobby Flynn and released an LP in 1983

Hear a full version of Don’t Walk Away

Hear a full version of Fistacuffs

Here’s a good resource for St. Louis acts  It’s where I lifted the following press shot of Majik Dust from

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