Monday, July 27, 2015

Silver –Serpent in The Street

Silver –Serpent in The Street/ Find Another Feeling- Aquarius AQ 5029 (1973 Canada)

The Henman brothers were always my favourite April Winers, with David Henman writing some of the best riff-led numbers on their first 2 LPs. Leaving April Wine in the middle of the recording of the Electric Jewels LP, Dave and Ritchie formed the one-off Silver as a temporary outlet prior to forming The Dudes with Bob Segarini (Wackers) and a couple of Mashmakan guys. It appears that Serpent in The Street was to have been included on Electric Jewels and features the full April Wine line-up. It’s a surprising number, being quite an elaborate fusion of Glam, Hard Rock with some unexpected twists and turns once the tune gets going. There’s also some top guitar riffing and soloing By David Henman. The B side is OK but more mundane.

Hear a full version of Serpent in The Street


unkraut said...

I can't seem to access the two most recent files. Is there a trick I'm unaware of?

Thanks in advance.


Bubblegum The Punk! said...

Hi Robin, the Google link doesn't work for me.

Robin Wills said...

damn....Are you guys on MAC/IOS?

unkraut said...

Yep, I'm on a Mac. Still can't access.


Drugula1 said...

Just FYI Works on an desktop HP PC - But the "older" Divshares song links do not.

Robin Wills said...

What a pain this Divshare situation has been. It makes it really hard to keep going when the past had been erased