Friday, May 15, 2015

Mike King –Rock n’ Roll Waitress

Mike King –All the Boys and Girls/ Rock n’ Roll Waitress –O Brothers PW 440 (197? US)

Here’s a strange one that I can’t find any information on. It appears to be out of Oklahoma City and I assume it’s late 70s. Rock n’ Roll Waitress is a grinding cross of Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers (One Track Mind) and Flies on Sherbert (I’ve Had It) era Alex Chilton minced through a Bonehead grinder. Simple, rough and effective. The A side is also pretty decent, but with more of a bar band tinge. Why is this a Google ”0”?

Hear a full version of Rock n’ Roll Waitress

Hear a full version of All the Boys and Girls

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DJWaterman said...

That was pretty decent, the first one especially. Definitely go onto a mix for the car.