Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bruce Spelman -29 Years to Doomsday

Bruce Spelman -29 Years to Doomsday/Cutting The Traces Leaving The Places/Remember This –Montagu -Mont 3000 (UK 1972)

Montagu Records was an off-shoot of Beacon Records. Bruce actually had an LP on Montagu “You Don’t Know What You’re Paddling in”,  so Phil was a bit of an eco-warrior and 29 Years to Doomsday is another one of those “respect the planet or will drown in a cesspool of muck” ditties, however it goes beyond being an expected laidback folky dirge and is actually quite a concise driving and catchy tune similar to a Phil Cordell or Hetherington type number with a nice line in cutting fuzz guitar.

Hear a full version of 29 Days To Doomsday

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