Monday, April 13, 2015

Shindig! Magazine taken over by usurpers!

Over the years, through its different permutations, Shindig! has not just been the finest (and readable)music mag out there, but also the most influential. It's the shared vision of Jon Mills and Andy Morten that has made Shindig! special and unique. Now through some ghastly underhand tactics, their vision has been ripped out of their hands by Volcano Publishing and has been replaced by some ersatz /pale imitation under the name of Kaleidoscope. If you believe in integrity, if you believe a publication would be hollow with content stitched together  without a driving vision. Stay away from Kaleidoscope and give Volcano a right earful. Shindig! will be back and hopefully soon.

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Hannes A. Jónsson said...

Although Shindig is not sold in my neck of the woods and a subscription is a tad pricey, I've always been a supporter albeit just occasional reader. But I do believe there's a real need - and hopefully market - for a mag that doesn't just recycle Beatles/Stones/Floyd/Dylan/Zeppelin over and over again...