Monday, April 20, 2015

Gilbert Kopland –Leave The Rest To Me

OST Ultime Gride Dalla Savana –For You and Me/ Leave The Rest To Me –AMP 157 (1975 Italy)

On the soundtrack of the tame and mostly stagged Italian Mondo movie “Ultime Grida Dalla Savana” (Savage Man Savage Beast) lurks this driving gritty rocker which melds Barry McGuire with Chicory Tip into a 3 chord Beat on The Brat no hope wonder. It sounds like it was recorded more as an afterthought with an ending that is more than abrupt. The lyrics attempt some form of socio realism from its factories and assembly lines to switchblade knives, dealers, Junkies, street fighting men and honky tonks with fun results.
  If you like this tune, you’re in luck as there are literally dozen of really cheap copies out there. The A side starts out like Neil Young then goes all Italo-schmaltz…so quite listenable for the first 30 seconds! Gilbert Kopland appears to be a pseudonym; however he sounds reassuringly American.

Hear a full version of Leave The Rest To Me

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