Saturday, February 28, 2015

Unknown- Acetate –Revolution/ Drive (1974)

Unknown –Revolution/Drive –Trident Acetate (UK 1974)

The year is 1974, Great Britain ain’t so great anymore, we have the 3 day week, IRA bombings, the constant rain and The Glitter sparkle is fading fast…2 years before Punk and the revolution craved for here, is not about overthrowing the government or kicking Ted in the teeth, these guys just want some comfort and a “decent” life. So basically this is not a Third World War rallying call to arms, but an amiable bouncy near Glitter/Pub rock ditty which is pretty hooky with some cute guitar leads. The other side Drive is er…more driving, but the guys still don’t cut loose at full speed, but it has a nice Kinks-like middle bit So who the hell is this? Could it be an unreleased Bo’ Flyers song? It is definitely a demo, perhaps from a Denmark Street studio nearby. Don’t be fooled by the UA catalogue number. What probably happened is that an engineer at Trident had a few left over acetates, so he called up his mates who had recorded a demo offering to cut them a few copies in return for favours from the singer’s sister…

Hear a full version of Revolution

Hear a full version of Drive

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