Saturday, February 21, 2015

Martin’s Art - Control Group Dropout

Martin’s Art- Thoughts Have Wings /Control Group Dropout-Counterpart APG 13 (1975 US)

Here’s an obscure Ohio outing that seems to be a pet project of one Jeff Martin. I’ll focus on the B side here as it’s a delightful mish-mash of Powerpop-like melodic moves tied in with some compressed Psych elements along with a cool guitar break, backward effects and a nice dry drum sound. The A side is more laidback and perhaps lack the outgoing appeal of the B side. It appears that this was originally slated to be released on the subsidiary Applegate label, but ended up on Counterpart with an incongruous catalogue number

Hear a full version of Control Group Dropout


Bruce Brodeen said...

Holy Crap, Robin - this is AMAZING! Singer sounds a bit like my/our old friend Andy Bopp(Myracle Brah) but what a winner! Very classic mid-70s rock sound. How about posting the A-side?!

Robin Wills said...

Although the A side is OK, it kinds of dilutes the greatness of the B side