Friday, December 19, 2014

Monument –Infarctus

Monument –Infarctus/Computer Love –AFA 639 (1971 France)

This was the only single release by these teenage miscreants from the outskirts of Paris. Already responsible for a Heavy Psych LP in 1970 titled Volume 1, this was their only further output, released under the banner of “Plays Hard Rock”. Both sides do as they say on the tin, and if anything the Cro-Magnon attitude hits deeper lows (or exultant heights?) with plenty of fuzz, guttural vocals and overall heaviness. Both songs are pretty long and although they could have been more succinct, the sheer unrelenting thumping will batter you into submission. Both tracks are totally wild. Monument were Micky Wals (vocals, guitar), Joël Averbouch (guitar), Lou Lou Laguerre (keyboards), Patrick F. (bass) and Tony Laguerre (drums)

Hear a full version of Infarctus

Hear a full version of Computer Love

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