Monday, December 29, 2014


GYGAFO –Wino/Broken Smiles –Look Records SP. 6061 (1975 UK)

GYGAFO from Yorkshire, were named after an enlightened Northern promoter told the band to Get Your Gear And F*** Off during a sound check. In 1973, they got as far as recording an unreleased LP Legend of The Kingfisher which is full of proggy moves and flute, but this single appeared a couple of years later and is a different kettle of (king)fish. Loutish, bratish and rousing; Wino stomps and pounds and features some fine lead guitar. Although they had already shorn off their earlier Prog leanings, by 1976 they were “knocked for 6” by Punk and the band imploded.

Hear a full version of Wino

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