Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Factory –Time Machine

Factory –Time Machine/ Castle on The Hill –OAK RGJ 718 (1971 UK)

Here is a real MONSTER that doesn’t know when to quit. This is essential Heavy Psych cum Bonehead Crunching Proto Punk madness…Think of The Stooges if born in an East Sussex barn fed on exclusively on fermented scrumpy and ‘shrooms. The proceedings start all quiet and subdued then it all literally burst out of the vinyl with blistering lead breaks and a crazed lead vocal falling somewhere between a Jesse Hector and a goat-like Roger Chapman. The whole performance approaches the grandeur of Open Mind’s Magic Potion, only here Time Machine just goes on and on and on; squeezing as much sleazy noise and prolonging the madness until it reaches its delirious fuzzed-out ending. This Factory is not to be mistaken for the Factory who issued the psych gem Path Through The Forest, this lot were formed around the nucleus of Andy and Tony Qunta with Lol Cooksey and Geoff Peckham. Based in Hastings; Factory were in operation between 1970 and 1976. Although encouraged at different times by Robin Gibb and Roger Daltrey, Time Machine was their sole release. The B side is tamer, yet a fine example of early 70s Brit Psych owing a large debt to 1968.. There is plenty more information and photos of the band scattered around this great website http://ninebattles.com

Hear a full version of Time Machine

Hear a full version of Castle on The Hill


Anonymous said...

Nice music on your blog... really great song.. thank you very much for the discoveries..

Anonymous said...

Uh-huh, a true panic-in-yer-attic broke loose. I gave it a mention in a Shindig! piece l wrote years ago. Much obliged