Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bill Case –I’m Your Hero

Bill Case –I’m Your Hero/ You Gotta Know –Bellaphon BF 18529 (1977 German issue)

Here is a weird one, created by Alan Blakley and “Chip” Hawkes as an extra-curricular Tremoloes excursion. Slip inside the cover and you will find two striking examples of top notch Crunching Glam. I’m Your Hero is a real stunner; a wild intense performance enlivened further by some fine specimens of Moog noodlings. Gary Glitter joining Black Sabbath channeling Chicory Tip. You Gotta Know starts in a quieter yet meaty fashion. It has a certain T. Rex meets Led Zep feel and really rocks out by the end. Both songs seem curiously out of date for 1977 and all the better for it. I believe this only got a German release and I can’t just see some Bellaphon A&R guy complaining with the lack of Punk potential on the label and coming across the sleeve photo in a draw. Ja  Ja das ist Punk! So I wouldn’t be surprised if this project had been hanging around for a couple of years. As for Bill Case? Who knows…but what a midriff! It’s nice to know that there are still oddities such as this one still laying around out there

Hear a full version of I’m Your Hero

Hear a full version of You Gotta Know


Popville said...

Hi Robin,

You had me with the Chicory Tip reference, but as you already stated "I’m Your Hero is a real stunner". Super start to 2014 - cheers!

Anonymous said...

Awesome single, both sides.

Anonymous said...

Suprisingly pretty good. Not a fan of the Tremeloes but this rock along nicely

Anonymous said...

still better than todays plastic drivel!

andreas wunderlin said...

great glam single
i'm so happy to find this
one last week in a mailorder shop for just one £ or 2 CHF
skylord from switzerland