Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wonderlick –Hey Joe

Wonderlick –Hey Joe/Come On People –MGM K 14510 (1973 US)

Straight from the Garage into the Bonehead. 7 years after hitting the charts with The Leaves; Bobby Arlin reappears in 1973 giving Hey Joe a mighty revamp. Lyrically, the gun has been changed to a joint and it’s all about turning on “the man”. Musically it’s Loud and raucous with some real scorching guitar, there are a few surprises - check out the left of field riffing and other supplementary chord changes This really works.. So all you Garage stalwarts – outgrow your greying moptops and fading paisley shirts and enjoy this greasy haired OTT update. 1973 rules

Hear a full version of Hey Joe


Anonymous said...

Wow. Great cover. One of the greatest songs ever.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Arlin one-ups himself. Great find and magnificent epic arrangement of a true '60s classic!