Sunday, September 22, 2013

David Ireland –Shoot The Family Man

David Ireland –Shoot The Family Man/ Coming Up Strong –Sovereign SOV 120 (1973 UK)

I couldn’t find much about David Ireland. He had at least two singles released in Holland, including this one that also garnered a UK release. The producer is Richard Pulin who was involved as producer/arranger with Pink Elephant in the early 70s. Both songs are strong acoustic based rockers, somewhere between John Kongos and Dave Edmunds with a little T. Rex thrown in for good measure. Simple, understated and waiting to be discovered...

Hear a full version of Shoot The Family Man

Hear a full version of Coming Up Strong


René Vis said...

In 1978 he recorded the album 'Hot As Ice' in Zwanenburg, a little place near Amsterdam. He did several concerts in the local youth club. This 1973 single is a nice surprise.

A Good Old Fashioned Christmas said...

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David Ireland said...

Hi there - I wondered who picked up the promo single...I never even got to see that copy.

The single was reviewed in the MM on the same page as McCartney's Live And Let Die...I received a good review and sold about six copies!

The Dutch version has a sleeve designed by Sandra, my wife. My last album "A Twist Of Time" had a cover designed by my youngest son, Ruben Ireland.

I've just released a new single: "A Good Old Fashioned Christmas", supporting The Big Issue Foundation. I have a new album coming out in the spring of 2014. Still going strong...

Check out the video for the single here:

...and get in touch if you'd like more info. All the best, David Ireland