Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tears –Stranger in Town/Ollie

Tears –Stranger in Town/Ollie –Gazell C286 (1974 Sweden)

Great double-sider culled from the first Tears LP. Ollie has the essence of 1972 Sweet but put through a Crunching Glam blender, while Stranger in Town is a tad more sophisticated but still packs a mighty wallop. Although there were primarily known to have released 3 LPs (the first 2 are essential purchases), it is now becoming apparent that more singles were released at the time. Now, I still haven’t seen proof that the influential God Save The 45 was released as a single…still waiting and hoping for confirmation on that.

Hear a full version of Ollie

Hear a full version of Stranger in Town


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Anonymous said...

What a great single. Sadly it doesn't appear to be available for purchase anywhere online.