Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sublime Deluxe –Chose Molle

Sublime Deluxe –Chose Molle/ Donne-Moi Ton Corps Juste Pour Le Sport –Flamaphone 781807 (1979 France)

Is it Punk? is it Glam? Is it Transgender Plastic Punk? Most certainly and most likely –yes... Featuring loud beefy guitars and affected vocals, Chose Molle is a hilarious take on Wild Thing. Don’t worry if you don’t speak any French, you’ll get it without missing a thing (or chose as the case may be…). The B side is more Plastic than Bertrand ever was - Pogo Pogo Pogo…!

I don’t want to get my fingers too sticky, but at a glance it looks like Sublime Deluxe is in fact the creation of one Claude Puterflam who was in Système Crapoutchik amongst other ventures. Brave lad...

Hear a full version of Chose Molle

Hear a full version of Donne-Moi Ton Corps Juste Pour Le Sport


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thanks as always.


You're right Robin !
Sublime Deluxe was Claude Puterflam and his friend Jean Schultheis covering "Wild Thing" in french.
To know more about the iconoclast and sadly underrated Claude Puterflam:


Anonymous said...

The B-side is great!!!!