Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chris Andrews –Yo Yo

Chris Andrews –Yo Yo/ Hey Babe –Vogue DV 11098 (1970 German issue)

Yo Yo is a later infectious Bubblegum tune by Chris Andrews. It sounds exactly like you expect it to, although the thumping beat gives it an extra edge to its overt commercialism…Fun, groovy, totally danceable and easy to find at a cheap price. The B side is also cute, but lacks the incessant beat.

Hear a full version of Yo Yo


23 Daves said...

I followed "Mony Mony" with this one when I was DJ'ing on Saturday night, and despite nobody having the first clue what this track was, they all stayed put on the dancefloor! A nice little moment.

Popville said...

The shrill brassy sound works wonders on this song (thanks as you said to the driving beat), as opposed to most of his other tunes where it's simply obnoxious, ala 60s TV show music like The Prisoner.

A couple decent Chris Andrews tunes w/o the shrill brass are the bubblegummy "Cinderella" and the mid-tempo piano pop "Today".

Merry Christmas Robin.

- Michael