Thursday, December 06, 2012

Alan Steve –Honey Baby

Alan Steve –Honey Baby/ Daisy Five –Egg 641004 (197? France)

Here’s a weird and wonderful one. The mysterious Alan Steve is a French invention relocated to London at Lansdowne Studios in order to record this sublime piece of nonsense. You wanna dance baby?….No thank you –ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-tat…scream (result: dead meat). So you shouldn’t spurn the advances of this particular Gallic Romeo. The French accent in the verse is cute, but the lead guitar FUZZ is positively Killer…Any idea who Alan Steve was? It is arranged by one Johny Glider and produced by Anthony Sharp. So who’s hiding behind those names?

Hear a full version of Honey Baby


Doctor Gaz said...

Thank you Robin,

so now I know what it sounds like!
unusual,but well worth forking out for

Anonymous said...

Allegedly its a 69 release date ..

Anonymous said...

Any chance to get the MP3 of that cracker? Would love to get this at least digitally. Can't find any info or anything about that record. Cheers