Saturday, September 08, 2012

Skateboarding and Racing in the UK 1978: Malibu -Skateboarding vs. Second Opinion –King of The Raceway

These two singles are part of an interesting haul I picked up the other day. Both are UK releases from 1978 and pretty much on the obscure side of the skateboarding craze and race track shenanigans...

Malibu –Skateboarding/Billy –Cleverly Bros Records CBSP 1000-100 (1978 UK)

Malibu may have been a studio aggregation from the Nottingham area, Recorded at Rainbow Studios, Skateboarding is a great cash- in with a full on meaty approach a bit like Eddie & The Hot Rods meets Rockpile with added harmonies and some 1978 styled lead guitar. The B side is more akin to mid 70s Southern rock, thus of less interest.

Hear a full version of Skateboarding

Second Opinion –King of The Raceway/Stormbird –Tash 0035 (1978 UK)

 Second Opinion are a Norfolk band with a long history and are still operating today: King of The Raceway is a reved-up jewel which was commissioned by the Swaffham Raceway Stock Car Track and was played at all their events. It’s a great Powerpop tune with fine twists and turns regardless of the theme. The B side is a Shadows-like instrumental.

Hear a full version of King of The Raceway


Anonymous said...

Two more great tunes. I could imagine the Second Opinion on a bill with with the Barracudas way back when. Backing, of course. Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

"The B side is more akin to mid 70s Southern rock, thus of less interest."

Less is more.


Mel Holman said...

I was the vocalist with "Second Opinion" & still am. We have just celebrated 40years on the road. Sadly, my original Lead guitarist who penned "King of the Raceway" Passed away some time ago.
Lovely to know their's still interest out there.