Thursday, September 13, 2012

Deliverance –Lovin’ All Your Sweet Lovin’

Deliverance –Everybody/Lovin’ All Your Sweet Lovin’- Impress Records IMP 720 (1973 US)

Deliverance…No, not the sound of squealing pigs, but a fine undiscovered slab of late Bubblegum. Lovin’ All Your Lovin’ is found on the B side of a decent Glammy cover of the Tommy Roe hit, however the B side is of more interest as Everybody is just so familiar. When LAYSL first starts off I think of Al Stewart on Terminal Eyes, but then the tune switches into a fine Bubblegum tune with some good gritty guitar. All this in under 2 minutes… It sure doesn’t sound like 1973 and yes the chorus sounds just like you expected it to. It looks like this may have been an LA band, but who knows…

Hear a full version of Lovin’ All Your Sweet Lovin’

Hear a full version of Everybody

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