Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Barracudas single “God Bless The 45”

After a 7 year gap The Barracudas have recorded a new single to be released early next year.

The tracks are:

A side: God Bless The 45

B side: Festival Pop and East European Girls

The tracks were recorded and mixed at Cowshed studios in London and it’s 100% analog: using Tape delays, EMT Plates, valve compression etc… and recorded onto 2” tape and mixed down to ¼”, just like it used to be…The record will only be available as a 45 (figures!)
                                                EMT Plates

                                           Self explanatory

Once we get closer to the release date, there will be more news regarding ordering and a link to a webpage etc…

UPDATE: All news will be posted here


                                               All together now "Festival Pop!"


Anonymous said...

Any plans to tour?

Robin Wills said...

We have a few dates in Germany end of November, and we've played some great gigs in Japan and Italy this year, we now await "sensible offers" from other countries