Friday, September 21, 2012

Fat & Hungry –The Streaker

Fat & Hungry –The Streaker/ Just Ain’t Right –Watermelon Records V1 2044 (1974? US)

Here is one of the most sought after and best US Proto Punk singles around (along with Killer Frog). It straddles a fine line between a Bonehead Crunch and raw Garage Punkitude. My guess is that this single came out in 1974, as this is when Streakin’ was at its peak (although the highlight that was Erica Roe was a good few years later). The vocals are nice and snarly while the killer guitar and general fuzziness make this single the benchmark for others to measure up against. No info whatsoever on this one. I am thinking Michigan or Illinois, but I have no tangible proof, unless C.S Johnson is Cliff Johnson (Off Broadway) Enjoy!

Hear a full version of The Streaker

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