Friday, April 20, 2012

Tykes –Let’s Dance

Tykes –Let’s Dance/Green Suzy –Philips 336 033 JF (1969 NL) 

This is one single that certainly deserves more than a quick mention during record buying spree. Let’s Dance is a moment of pure insane genius, forget Chris Montez, forget The Ramones, this is crude, raw and totally wild and delivers one of those punches from which it is difficult to recover. In fact both sides are ace; the B side shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s more than a commendable rockin’ performance again with some great guitar. Green Suzy deserved to be an A side in its own right. The Tykes hailed from Groningen (the Venice of the North…) and Let’s Dance was their third and final single. The band later morphed into Time Castle with half the band then formed Chrystal Palace. Never to be forgotten, never to be surpassed. A real treasure…

 Hear a full version of Let’s Dance


Hear a full version of Green Suzy



Anonymous said...

Forget Chris Montez? Montez should ever be forgotten.
This is an ok version of a great song. The original is much better though. As is the Slade version which is the definitive version of Let's Dance.


Robin Wills said...

Well I haven't heard the Slade version, but the Tykes go beyond the song and re-construct it to the highest levels of Gutter Fuzz -IMO