Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alan Blakley –Lost Without You/ Gimme Rock ‘n’ Roll/Windows are Nice

Alan Blakley –Lost Without You/ Gimme Rock ‘n’ Roll –Hans 6022 213 (1976 Belgian issue)

 Alan Blakley a man amongst poodles… as demonstrated on the wonderful Belgian pic sleeve. Following his departure from the Trems in 75 Alan (Blakley/Blakely) pursued some of the Glam moves which had been introduced into the band’s repertoire in 73/74. But on his own, things definitely got weirder. Both sides of the 76 single have a lo-fi plugged directly into the desk scratchy guitar feel. Lost without You is like a chipmunk Get It On, catchy, rockin’ but completely touched with some out there instrumentation. Gimme Rock ‘N’ Roll is in someways even better. The sound is still highly compressed, but the performance is less deranged and more overtly in Crunching Glam mode.

                             German issue on Maritim 

 Hear a full version of Lost Without You

Hear a full version of Gimme Rock ‘N’ Roll

Alan Blakley –Sorry (Lyn’s Song)/Windows Are Nice –DJM DJS 367 (1975 UK)

 From the previous year Windows Are Nice is an act of pure lunacy. Taking Roxy Music as a starting point but without a clue of its destination; we are nearly entering Billy Hamon territory here. What the hell was the man thinking? 

 Hear a full version of Windows Are Nice



Hannes A. Jónsson said...

What indeed :-) Wonderfully weird. A little later on ('78/9) Blakley produced both Rosetta Stone and the Ian Mitchell Band. Neither sounded as out there as this stuff though.

Anonymous said...

Lost Without You, sounds like he's pinched the guitar riff from
T. Rex's 'Get It on'

Velvettinmineradio said...

Can you re up "Windows"? For some reason not getting the option to download it after hittin' the share button

Thanx Man!